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We are a team of students and faculties from MNNIT Allahabad as founders and investors onboard TSAW, started with the aim to improve engineering education by introducing more practical aspect of teaching, which can be possible by cheaper accessible technological advancement.  initially we have started with drones automation for military and security purposes but later on moved on to designing and building up projects that can be equipped in any laboratory for demonstration and research purposes.


Future is embraced by Space and Advanced Weapon Technology. With growing population, limited resources and unnoticed rapid climate change, power is going to be an important factor in the coming future. Those having it are going to run the world, and space technologies & advanced weapons are the keys to hold on to that power. The ultimate race for the future has begun, those who are passionate to compete will stand the chance to stand out of the crowd.

TSAW's foundation is based on these principles with long term goals insight, one of the feather in the hat is to compete in Space race mainly focused towards Asteroid mining. The task is not simple and the clock is ticking already. With many players already in the sector, it's going to be a long and hard task, but we believe with our most competitive team, we can achieve that sooner or later so that we can enable humanity to thrive easily on multiple planets and to make possible deep space exploration.


We will be launching a series of products starting with our completely autonomous drones that will use the principle of communication over the radio, mobile network and satellite bandwidth. It will bring revolutionary change to the current infrastructure of mapping and surveying besides automating security and crowd monitoring.


We are working on Drones which can be remotely piloted and be used in all the seasons and medium irrespective of air and water. The blades and wings have the capability to morphing that can be operated and optimized according to the medium density. We are also working on Structural battery, that mimics a human body to store energy at the same time working as a load bearing component. In addition, we have developed different testing equipment that can be used in aerospace and automobile laboratories. 

Meet The Team

Rimanshu Pandey

Co-founder & COO


Co-founder &

President: Design & Engineering


Vice President: Design & Engineering

Teja Dadi

Mechanical Design Specialist

Akshat Verma

Concept Development Team lead

Nagbhushan Yadav

Director Sales

Shyam Pujari

Drones services lead

Kishan Tiwari

Founder & CEO

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Advisory Team

Aniket Kumar

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Yashasvi Mishra

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